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The “Letter of Opinion” can be used to move you case along to settlement, arbitration, court testimony or dismissal.

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If you case involves any of the following issues call Luther Coaly right away for a short initial consultation.

  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Forgery and Forged Handwriting
  • Trust Documents
  • Probate Issues 
  • Signed Contracts
  • Signatures
  • Handwriting Analysis Problems
  • Forged Checks and Endorsements
  • Threatening Notes & Poison Pen Letters
  • ​Handwritten Slurs On a Wall
  • Forged Deeds
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Disguised Writing and Handwritten Notes
  • ​Prenuptial Agreements

We render professional opinions in cases involving contacts, forged checks, deeds, dispute wills, anonymous or threatening letters and more.

Why Hire Luther Coaly Forensic Handwriting Analysts? 

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How much does an expert handwriting analyst charge?

What training does a handwriting expert have to have to testify in a court of law?

Do I need the originals or can I just fax over handwriting samples?

Does it cost extra to have for you to testify in court?


Forensic Document Examination

​​Our Three Step Process (for most cases)​​.

When you decide to hire Luther Coaly“handwriting Analysis Expert”, your case will receive priority attention. You can get your verbal opinion within a few days in most cases. Ask us for a rush case and we may be able to get you an opinion even faster.

Serving Tri Counties (Santa Barbra,Ventura, & San Luis Obispo) and 

Central California

​​​Handwriting Analysis Expert Luther Coaly has spent years of his life learning and educating in this field.​
In his training he has rendered opinions on over 50 cases.
He has attended lectures by Bart Baggett,  who many consider to be the top Handwriting Analysis Expert.
He has also attended lectures and studied the works of Professor of Biology and Forensic Anthropologist, College of Mount St. Joseph, Elizabeth A. Murray,Ph.D., D-ABFA

Call for answers to these Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​What is Forensic Handwriting Analysis?
  • What is the charge to render a Professional Opinion?
  • Do I need originals, or can I fax the handwriting samples in?
  • Does a Forensic Handwriting Expert have to have special training to testify in a court of law?
  • Will the opinion be accepted in court?
  • Does court testimony cost extra/more?
  • How does your prices compare to other Forensic Document Examiners around the nation?
  • Why should I hire you, instead of another expert?
  • Do you have any experience or training that makes you a better choice?

  1. The set up of your case and the Lab Work (examination of photographs, inspection, comparisons, rendering an opinion)
  2. Verbal Opinion (Via phone)
  3. The Written Opinion- If you want an “official opinion” in writing on our letter head.Type your paragraph here.


Do you Need A Certified Handwriting

Analysis Expert? ​​